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Rita Rosa Brazilian Beachwear

Rita Rosa Petal-Style Crochet Headbands

Rita Rosa Petal-Style Crochet Headbands

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Rita Rosa Petal-Style Crochet Headbands: Elegance blooms with our navy blue, white, green, black & white and much more petal-style headbands. Each delicate petal whispers of tradition and modern flair. Versatile, comfortable, and chic—make a statement with Rita Rosa.

Sizes: Ranging from 9 inches to 9 1/2 inches with an elastic ponytail holder, these headbands promise a comfortable fit for all-day wear.

Fashion-Forward: Whether you’re grooving at concerts or dancing under beach party lights, our headbands add flair to your ensemble.

Limited Edition: Crafted with care, these headbands are exclusive—perfect for those who appreciate unique designs.

🌞🌴 Where fashion meets fun—discover yours today! 🌴🌞

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