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Rita Rosa Brazilian Beachwear

Alice Blue Crochet Tie Back Headband

Alice Blue Crochet Tie Back Headband

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Introducing Rita Rosa Alice Blue Crochet Tie Back Headband: a wide-style, blue-colored tie-back that captures the essence of the ocean’s expanse. This headband is a blend of comfort, style, and sustainability, perfect for those who love to make a statement with their beachwear.

Style: The ‘Alice’ features wide, tie-back straps for a fit that’s just right.

Color: A beautiful shade of blue that reflects the depths of the sea.

Eco-Chic: Perfect for the eco-aware fashionista, whether you’re vibing to your favorite tunes or reveling in the ambiance of oceanfront festivities, our headbands add an organic flare to your look.

Craftsmanship: Each headband is handmade, ensuring quality and uniqueness.

🌊 Embrace the bold and beautiful with Alice Blue Crochet Tie Back Headband! 🌊

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